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25 July 2013

if I were A Naughty Smurfette for a Day..

Assalamualaikumm :-)
THE SMURFS 2 in 3D will be in cinemas on this becoming 8 August..huuuu...! and it is a sequel to the 2011 film- THE SMURFS..
The film story about The Smurfs team up with their friends to rescue Smurfette,who has been kidnapped by Gargamel since she knows a secret spell that can turn the evil sorcerer's newest creation - creatures called the Naughties - into real smurfs..
so if I were a naughty smurfette for a day , I will definitely do a lot of things that cannot be imagined since it takes only one day.. I will change anythings what should be changed,making teribles,bring problem and so on. Of course my skin colour also would be changed to gray .. In fact, I was initially one of a kind, full of feminine grace and frivolous and can also be very much a woman, playing with the feelings of the characters of my sweetheart and suddenly turned into naughty in just one day !hee
I think at the end of this film,Smurfette will stay true blue and never lose her colour and turn into one of the naughties because Smurfette surely will be rescued by his family-papa, Clumsy, Gutsy and companions human- Patrick and Grace ..
i'm soo excited to watch this movie..hewhew...


  1. eh!cptnye dh ade yg 2nd mvie plak!wee

    1. yepp..dah nak kua da..huuu...jom2 tengok =D


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